"School" by Supertramp

HI!!! Welcome to Studley's CLAW Page!!!

Hello!!! This is Studley, and this is
my furry own CLAW Page!!!

I love being a memfur of CLAW!!! There is so much to do there and so many furry nice furiendly kitties there, that I am really happy that my sisfur Doodle and I joined!!!

Meowmie gave me this page, so I can keep track of all the classes I take (and degrees I earn!) at the CLAW University, and so I can tell you about all the great Guilds and Groups I have joined, and the progress I am making in them!!! (She said it would be good 'incentive' fur us - whatever THAT is!!!)

Anyways, below I will list all of the classes I am taking, and degrees I earn!!! I hope to do furry well at CLAW U and make my meowmie purrrrrroud!!!

So, these are the classes I have completed!!! (Be sure to check back efurry once in a while to see how I'm doing, ok???)

Introduction to CLAW
CLAW History
When We Were Gods
Being a CLAW Leader
Life of a Homeless Cat
Getting Treats
All About Humans 2
Waking Up Your Human 2
Heatstroke 4
Feline Psychology 4
Art of Kitty Massage

SO Cool!!! I have graduated in December, 1999 and earned my BCC!!! So I am entering the new millennium as a Level TWO CLAW memfur!!! I am a furry happy boy, and my meowmie is furry purroud!!!

Here is a picture of me in my graduation cap and my diploma!!!


And here you can see a list of the Guilds and Groups I am a memfur of, and hopefully, I will show you many points I have earned fur awards and services within these fine Guilds and Groups!!!

Look!!! As of April 3rd, 2000, I have earned 1,805 total Service Points!!

The Jokers Society ~
Webmaster's Guild* ~
The Gremlins Hunters ~
Minnesota Kitty Society* ~
Introduction to PSP Guild* ~

* There is so much happening in these guilds, that as soon as meowmie has time, I will be making separate pages fur each of them so I can show you what's happening and all the cool things I've been doing!!

How COOL!!! I just received this great award fur my CLAW Page from CLAW!!! I am furry purroud and wish to thank my meowmie fur all her hard work on this page, my sisfur Doodle's CLAW page and our main CLAW page too!!! And a furry BIG thank you to CLAW fur this honor!!!

Well, thanks fur stopping by and checking out my progress at CLAW!!! I apurrrrciate your time!!! Please check back from time to time to see what new classes I've taken and degrees I've earned, and what cool stuff I've been doing in my Guilds and Groups, ok??? And don't furget to check out my sisfur Doodle's CLAW page, too!!!

If you came here from my page on our site, click the BACK button to return there, or if you want to return to our CLAW page, click on the CLAW button below to go there!!! OR if you would like to see how cool CLAW is, and look into becoming a memfur your furry own self, click the CLAW banner at the top of this page!!! Thanks again, and see you around CLAW!!!




And also to

For providing some of the
Wonderful graphics on this page!!!
Your talent is appurrrciated!!!