Purries N & N!!!
Well, here's our assignments!!!

First, we have our Flood Fill Assignment

The original image

And our floodfilled image

Here is our Text Flood Fill Assignment

Here are our 'CLAW is FUN!!!' Text Effects

First up ~ the Cut Out

Secondly ~ the Drop Shadow

Thirdly ~ the Chisel

And lastly ~ the Text Flood Fill

And here are the extra three effects!!!

We were SO inspired by these effects that we created the title
fur our soon-to-be-published Intro to PSP Guild Page

Using the Cutout

We wanted to express our feelings about this Guild

Using the Drop Shadow

Then we wanted to 'give an apple to our teachers'

Using the Chisel

And then we just wanted to say

To our furiends fur being such good teachers and
putting in the time and energy to create such a
COOL CLASS fur the Intro to PSP Guild memfurs!!!

Purrrries from Studley and Doodle