"Angel of the Morning" by Merrilee Rush

By Studley

This is my beautiful Fur Angel Morgan!! She was my wink wink fur 14 years!!! She made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge when she was 15 yrs old, on May 5th, 1999, after a short illness, which we discovered was incurable cancer. She was as playful as a kitten up until the last few weeks of her life and was my soulmate!! I still miss her furry much!! I have my little sisfur Doodle to keep me company and she is a furry good furiend to me, but no other kitty could ever replace my Morgan!!!
Thank you furry much fur allowing me to post her picture here at the Rainbow Wall!!! You Minnesota Kitties are so furry kind to allow me to share her memory with you!!!

If you would like to visit our site and learn more about my Morgan, or Doodle and myself too, we'd really love it if you'd stop by and say HI!!! Just click our home button below to come and visit us!!!

This incredibly beautiful picture of my Morgan was created especially fur us
By Jessica Suter of 'Window to the Rainbow Bridge'!!!
Please visit her Rainbow Angel site by clicking on her furry talented work above!!!

Thank you Jessica, from the bottom of our hearts,
fur your kindness in making this lovely picture fur us!!!

And this inspiring purple candle was kindly given to us
By Doris of 'Dorissimo's Domain' in remembrance of our Morgan!!!
Thank you Doris, fur this furry thoughtful gift!!!
As the flame burns eternally
So she will remain in our hearts!!!

Please visit Doris's Memorial Chapel to meet other fur angels
And give them your purrrrrrs and prayers by clicking on Morgan's candle above!!!