I design quality websites for small businesses that command your potential client's
interest and respect OR ... I can enhance your existing site to have the same effect
All services are guaranteed 'PERFECT' !!

CREATIVE Design and Eyecatching Colors that will draw immediate attention to YOUR site and enable it to stand out from 'all the others' ~ drawing business to your site
FLEXIBLE Design Options, so you will have the opportunity to provide as much or as little input as you wish ~ offering you the advantage of choice
VISIBILITY on the Internet, listing your business with all the major search engines, under a wide variety of keywords ~ expanding your sales potential
GUARANTEED Proofreading and Content Editing, to ensure your site is readily understood and error-free ~ adding credence and clarity to your text
AFFORDABLE Rates that are much lower than what you would expect, with such a degree of attention to detail ~ accentuating your business acumen

~ One of the BEST ways to increase your business is to capture
their attention long enough to prove your product or service!! ~

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As a potential customer or client,
Which site would catch your eye and be most likely
to draw your attention and hold it??

A site that looked 'manufactured', like it was cut from the same mold,
but with different gimmicks, bells and whistles,

OR ...

A site that used innovative ideas, and pleasant colors and textures,
that invited your eyes to remain long enough
to read about the product or services being offered??

And would you prefer to check out a site
offering the product or service you wanted,
that had misspellings and typographical errors,
and was worded so poorly as to be unclear,

OR ...

Would you prefer that the site provided you
with a concise, clearly understood text that allowed you
to fully understand the product or service you were seeking??

Hmmmm .... Well, you are still reading this!!!



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