Hello!! Let me introduce myself. My name is Shirley Marshall, and I am a freelance contractor. I am starting to obtain visibility on the internet as a quality website designer, offering a variety of Internet services for small businesses that include proofreading and content editing, as well as complete website design. I have been providing these services for free on 'not for profit' sites for quite a while now, as well as doing proofreading professionally for many years, as I really enjoy the work!! And one day I thought ...
'Hey, why not make a career out of this??'
So .... here we are!!


I have done proofreading professionally, for a graphics design company, and on many individual freelance projects. The English language is my passion, and I maintained a 4.0 grade average in my English language courses all through school. This ensures that I am very strong in the skills of spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and syntax, which proves invaluable when proofreading, as well as providing strong support for my content editing. Having a strong command of the English language guarantees my clients a truly 'word perfect' project.

I am so fully committed to that goal, that I will even offer a 10% discount
on my total fee, if you find even ONE error in your finished product!!!

I have also studied Interior Design, which has provided me with a sharpened sense of color and textures. This is especially useful in my webdesigning, enabling me to choose 'client friendly' colors and lend an attractive visual presence to your site.

I am also a professional personal organizer, laying the foundation for my strong sense
of balance and ability to prioritize your site for maximum effectiveness.

I am a 'perfectionist' by nature, which carries over into my work policies 100%, and I truly love my profession and sincerely enjoy doing this kind of work, which I think is one of the best recommendations I could give you!! It ensures you that I am willing to take the time to create exactly what you want and guarantees you that your site will indeed be completely error-free, because I am proud of the work I do, and the only way for me to truly be successful is to create the kind of quality sites that clients will be proud of also!!

I am confident that the overall effect will create not only a site you will be proud
to call your own, but one that can potentially increase your business dramatically.

Please e-mail me with any questions or comments you may have!!
My 'inbox' IS always open!!



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