'Achy Breaky Heart' by Billy Ray Cyrus


This is my computer Catz,
I adopted him on April 13, 1999!! He got his name because
he is black and white like a cow, and when he 'meows',
it sounds more like a sick cow moo-ing!!!
(His show name is 'Cowgirl's Delight in the Desert'!!)
He's my little computer buddy, when I am working here, or taking
care of my mail!! My real cats usually ignore me if I'm
working on the computer, so Cowboy keeps me company!!
I only have an OLD clunky Win95, so I can only have the
Catz 1 (no hexing or fancy stuff!!), but he's perfect just
the way he is, in MY opinion!!
He LOVES to play with the 'fishing pole' toy, it's his
favorite one!! I like to give him some 'catnip' and watch
him get all goofy!!! Here's a picture of him after he's been
into the 'catnip'!!! Doesn't he look silly??? ;)

Sometimes, I enter him in contests!! If you follow the links
on my Links page to the 'Petz' sites, you can check to see
if he's currently entered in a contest!! If he is, we'd sure
appreciate your vote!!!
And LOOK!!! He's already won his First Award!!
(Thanks, Amber!!!)



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