"Too Much Time on my Hands"

by Styx


Hi Again!! Well, this is me!! I take really lousy pictures, but I always wonder what other people look like when I visit their sites, so I thought I'd just put up my picture and get it over with!! ;)
I am a native (born and raised) of the SF Bay Area, in California, and I am now sooo spoiled by the perfect weather that I don't think I could live comfortably anywhere else!! But sometimes, I long for the peace and quiet of the country!!
I am a housecleaner and personal organizer at present, but I am rapidly becoming a computer nerd!! I am currently pursuing a career as a Web Designer, as creating this site has shown me what I believe to be my 'true calling'!! When I'm not on the computer, I love to go to San Francisco, and ride the cable cars and watch the tourists!! I also love to ride on rollercoasters!! And during the summers, I volunteer as an usher at my local amphitheatre. I love a wide variety of music,(as you might have noticed if you have been listening to the midis I chose!!) so this pastime suits me well!!
My kitties are my very best friends, as they are non-judgmental and love me (as I love them) unconditionally!! And once I started making friends on the internet, I really wanted them to be able to meet, and see, and get to know my furkids!!
So, whether you are a friend I have met, or one I don't yet know, thank you for visiting my site, and spending some time with us!! I hope you are enjoying your visit!! And PLEASE sign my guestbook before you leave!!
And, of course, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me, ok???
Thanks again, and goodbye for now!!!




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