"Stay" by Dave Matthews Band

Welcome to Our Site!!!
(and you MAY call me Shirley!!)
There are sooo many wonderful sites out here,
with all kinds of vital, fascinating and/or
fun information on them, that we thought
we would keep this simple!!

We just wanted someplace where our friends,
met and unknown yet,
could come to visit!!
When we lost our Fur Angel Morgan
on May 5th, 1999,
we decided to include
a page on the Rainbow Bridge,
which we found to be invaluable
when we lost our little girl!!
So, we felt it was worthy of repeating here!!
So, if you would take a few minutes
to visit us here, and sign our guestbook,
so we know that you were indeed here,

We'd really appreciate your time!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Just click on any button to visit that page,
Then use the navigation buttons
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It's March ~ And St. Patrick's Day!!!
That time of the year when we see leprechauns
and drink green beer!!!
Hmmmmm, wonder if there's a connection there???
Well, be sure to celebrate St. Patty's Day
and check out the special page
we made for this special occasion!!
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Our Events Page is now featuring some awesome
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Cat Friends is a page where
You can meet some of our new friends,
(A couple of them are even D*GS!!!)
And our Events Page will tell you about
All THE places to be to PARTY and have FUN!!!
Now we also have a touching Tribute page
For our little Fur Angel Morgan!!!
PLEASE click on the heart below
To see this beautiful page!!!
Thank you!!!

We have just created a completely New
And Original Award for YOU to give out!!!
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And once you are finished here,
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Studley and Doodle are
Purrrroud memfurs of CLAW!!!
And as of December 1999, we have GRADUATED
to Level Two Memfurs and earned our BCC
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