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Doodle Gets a Bath

Well, our little girl Doodle was soooo overwhelmed with shedding fur due to our recent massively oppressive heat wave here in the SF Bay Area of CA, that she decided that washing was too much effort and caused her to 'lose her lunch' once too often, so she decided to take a hiatus from it!!!! ~G~ And so, after about a week, (there was soooo much fur that even regular brushing didn't even phase it!!),WE decided it was time for a BATH!!!!
Since we never had to bathe her before ever, we were, of course, quite skeptical of how she would react, and feared the worst!!!!! ~G~ So, donning our gear (just kidding!! - we just put on clothes that we didn't care about getting wet or shredded!!! ~G~), we proceeded to fill the bathtub partway with nice lukewarm water. She loves to follow us in the bathroom when we are using the facilities or taking a shower, but this time, as we were filling the tub, she was NOWHERE to be found!!! (Don't tell ME they don't understand English perfectly!!!! ~G~) So, I grabbed her and Sam got into the tub, and I handed her to him, and he lowered her down. As soon as her paws hit that water, she started flailing wildly to get OUT!!! LOL!!!! But, Sam, being the strong gentle guy he is, held her firmly in the 4 inch deep water, and started hollering at me 'Put the shampoo on her!!!!! Put the shampoo on her!!!! HURRY!!!!' So I proceeded to pour some shampoo into my hand and rub it onto her fur. During this, she was frantically trying to exit the tub, by leaping straight up in the air, then trying to turn and leap while in flight!!! You would have thought she was 'spring loaded'!!! LOL!!! And all the while, Sam had his big hands firmly placed on either side of her, and was leaning over at the waist and bending at the elbows, with his lower arms bouncing up and down with her!!! It looked soooo funny, I could hardly keep from laughing!!! (And you KNOW you NEVER laugh at a kitty!! They take it VERY personally and get really MAD and indignant!!!) So, trying my very best to stifle my giggles I continued to soap her, following them up and down, up and down!!! Then Sam says 'Ok, start rinsing, start rinsing!!' It was at this point that I realized my Girl Scout leader would have been VERY disappointed in me, as I was NOT prepared!!!! I'd forgotten to obtain an object that we could use to 'bucket' the water over her for rinsing!!! EEEKKKK!!!!!!! As I'm frantically looking around our small bathroom for anything I can convert quickly, Sam, starting to get a cramp from his vigorous 'exercising', hollers 'Get the glass with the toothbrush in it, use the glass I use for brushing my teeth, I DON'T CARE right now!!!! Just get it!!!!!!' So, I grab the relatively small plastic glass, dumping his toothpaste and toothbrush into the sink unceremoniously, and rush to start the 'rinse cycle'!!! And, of course, this only takes FOREVER, since I'm using this small glass!!!! So, I 'bucket' frantically, trying to rinse as fast and well as I can, under the circumstances, and finally get her reasonably well rinsed!!! (Don't forget, this ENTIRE time, they have been doing this 'spreonging' up and down thing!!!!) So, I reach behind me and grab the big towel that I DID remember to get first, and proceed to bundle her up in it!!!!! Bath complete!!!! And once wrapped up cozily in the towel, cradled in my arms, she looks up at me like 'Thanks ... I love you!!!!'
So, we put her on the bed and started to towel her dry, and she was just soooo good, and let us rub and pat her til she wasn't dripping anymore!! Then she started doing that oh so cute little paw shake thing they do, with each paw, each step she took, circling the bed!!! She looked sooo adorable doing this (lift a paw, shake vigorously, step down, lift another paw, shake vigorously, step down, lift a paw ....) that this time we couldn't contain our amusement and started giggling and snickering uncontrollably!!! And she just looked at us indignantly like 'Um, EXCUSE me!!!! Do you MIND?? I'm trying to dry myself here!!!!!' And that, of course, made us laugh even harder!!! ~G~
And the best news, besides the fact that we now have a very clean little girl that smells vaguely of lavender, is that she only got Sam ONCE, a small scratch that didn't even break the skin, and I came out completely unscathed!!!!! YAY!!!!!! ~G~ We thought she did QUITE well for her first bath ever in her 8 years and praised her and loved her and told her over and over what a GOOD little girl she was!!!!!


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