"Love Potion #9" by The Clovers
Nine at One Time
Beth, aka Gothweasel


When Scraggle came to live with us we took him to the vet and had him checked out. Among the filth and fleas, we found he had lice. Yes, lice. We just about had a coronary. The vet told us that Zodiac flea shampoo would work. So, off we went to buy flea shampoo, bug bombs, and cootie spray. We got home and told everyone that the cats were getting a bath. We had 9 including Scraggle (hence his real name, #9). We started with him and he was ok to a point. He tried to bite, but had no teeth to speak of, so he pretty much gummed me.

Then on to the rest. Poor Sam screamed and did the spring thing the entire time. I held his back and front legs finally while my sister did the actual washing. Spot cried and kept trying to bolt. Sassy and Sarah were pretty much the same, they didn't move unless I let up the death grip.

Then Sissy came along. He's the biggest, toughest cat we own, we expected that we would need stitches after him.

(You see, he's got the extra toes and claws, and he knows how to use them!) We lowered him to the water and he stood straight up on his back legs and his eyes bugged out of his head. He never moved, just stood there.
We did Nonie and Gudgie and they tried like heck to get away, but they were still little and were no problem.
Last was Familiar, I put her in the water and she tried to bolt straight into me! I held her under the arms and she stood there with her face buried in my cleavage until it was over. It was really funny to watch them all sit around glaring at us and trying to dry off. LOL!
You can visit all of Bethie's clean kitties at
Weasel's Cat House
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