"Say a Little Prayer for You" by Dionne Warwick

Prayers ARE Answered!!
Ok, I admit it - I'm a worrier!! Whenever I see a cat wandering the streets, I worry about them!! Do they have a home?? Why don't the owners love them enough to keep them indoors all the time??
You see, I have two cats of my own, that are my furkids, and irreplacable to me. I love them with all my heart, and want the very best for them. That is why I have chosen to make them 'indoor-only' kitties! Even though they may think they want to go outside, I, being the responsible human, must do what I feel is best for them - just like a mother will not let a child do something (even if they really want to), if it is not something safe for them to do!
So, it always worries me when I see kitties outside. I guess I sort of keep an eye on the cats I see regularly, and each time I see them, I say a little prayer to God to watch out for them!
I took a particular interest in this one little kitty. It was an absolutely beautiful cat, with long creamy white hair, and a very sweet face. I think I felt particularly sad about this kitty, because whenever I saw it, especially after dark, it was always sitting just in front of the back tire of this white van, that always parked in front of the house where the kitty lived. To me, this was a clear sign that the cat did not want to be out 'catting' at night. The street where this kitty lives is a street I have to take either leaving or returning to my home, so I am driving on it quite frequently. And no matter if I was going to the store at 8pm, or returning home from a night out at the movies at 1am, this poor little guy was always sitting under this van!!
This little kitty's plight was really starting to worry me a great deal. Unlike the other kitties that I've seen roaming around, this one really seemed to want to be indoors! So, I got the feeling that maybe it's owners thought they were supposed to put the cat out every night, like they say in all the songs and stories! There are a lot of myths out there that say that a cat can never be happy indoors all the time, that you are stifling their basic nature, that they need to go out and hunt to be truly happy, etc. So, I thought, 'Maybe these are actually very nice, loving people, who have just been misinformed!'
Once I had decided this, my problem was: How do I let these people know that kitties really are much better off, and safer and happier, if they are indoors-only cats?? Well, I figured they would think I was some sort of looney if I just walked up to their door, and gave them this big speech!!! And, pretty much the same would apply had I written them a note and left it in their mailbox!! So, for a while, I worried over how I could let them know in a way that would be taken seriously. Then I thought, 'I know, maybe I should pray to God, and ask Him to let those people know about their kitty!!' And then I thought, 'Yeah, sure, like God has time to worry about one pretty little kitty, with all the people and all the problems in the world today!!' But, I have always trusted in God to help me through my difficulties, so I determined to give it a try!!
So, for a couple of months, every time I saw that kitty, crouched sadly under that white van, I would send up a little prayer to God, 'Please, God, ask these people to let the kitty in the house, please God!!' And as I have mentioned, I drive down this street a lot, so I was doing an awful lot of praying during this time!!
Then, one night I was coming home from the grocery store about 8:45pm, and as I drove by, I didn't see the kitty under the van!! At first, (me being the worrier) I thought the worst, that maybe my little furfriend had suffered some horrible fate!! And for about another month, every time I drove by, I didn't see the kitty under the van, and I'd start to worry and hope it was alright, then I'd try to convince myself that God had indeed answered my prayers, and the kitty was safe inside! And I continued to pray for him.
Well, after a month or so of this, as much as I hate to admit it, my worrying was starting to override my faith, and I was beginning to lose hope that my little friend was safe. Then, one day, we were coming home from a matinee, and .... yep, you guessed it!! There was my little furfriend, sitting in the window, having a little bath!!! I was so excited and relieved to see it sitting there, that I started to cry!!!! My guy, who was driving, couldn't figure out why I was crying, and at first thought it was delayed reaction from the movie!! So, I proceeded to tell him the whole story, (as I have just told it to you!), ending with 'So, you see, God had to have answered my prayers, and now I don't have to worry about the little guy anymore!!!'
We drove the rest of the way home in silence and awe of that benevolent, loving God, who had taken the time to help a little kitty!!!
And, now, everytime I drive by there (which as I said is quite often!), I thank God once again for helping my little furfriend!!! And I worry a little less!!!

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